Calling the Show

Calling the Show - J.A. Rock It was a light, quick reading (finished in less than 24 hrs). But I am sorry to say that I wasn't really invested in the relationship of these two guys. Jesse was kind of a douche with that behavior (I get that he was one of a kind, but several times he says hurtful things) and Sim was a guy too inclined too fall in love with any pretty guy (although I did feel that he loved Jesse at the end).

The BDSM was good, kind of hot. I like that there were no labels between these two (they switch, in sex and a bit in BDSM); I liked their little game to decide who was going to be the dom (the necklace; the nipple clamps, the hula hoop; the ruler), and the hula-hooping was certainly, err, original.