Perfecting Fiona

Perfecting Fiona - Marion Chesney Bravo to the author, for writing a delightful sequel (something I usually don't find). To this point the spinsters sisters are dear to me. Original Amy, with her impulsiveness (her foul language!) and Pretty Effy with her coquettish manners (at her 50's!). This book may be more focused on them, which I liked very much. One faux pas after another: Amy singing and dressing as a man; Effy thinking herself in love with the young Mr Callghan (and both being still rivals in love for Mr Haddon). Effy's tears may be the only tears among many that I enjoy reading. And there certainly are many tears in this book, and they were all so ridiculous funny. All weeping all at one; a chorus of tears! Ridiculous funny, truly.

As for the "difficult heiress" she really wasn't. Fiona's situation was an understandable one, not wanting to get married, and then, once she tells why she is afraid of marriage, was even comprehensible. Her methods to avoid the marriage proposal were very witty. I liked her story with Lord Peter, because their love-hate attraction was entertaining to read. Although I wonder if this rake would reform? There are rakes and rakes, and in some books you can see when they reform, but I think in this one I would love to read more; as in, more pages. It is certainly too short, but well, sometimes short is better than dragging.

Recommended for people who likes original Regency romances (even "the villain" is charming.. somewhat).