Barakamon, Vol. 1

Barakamon, Vol. 1 - Satsuki Yoshino Very nice slice of life, with plenty of humor and good characters. The children, especially, cracked me up, and not only the little girl Naru, but also Kenta and the crying-girl. The story is simple: a young man from the city goes to this little town where everybody knows everybody and everything. He is a bit uptight and wants to focus on his talent only, which is calligraphy. But little Naru is always sticking by his side, making funny situations. Naru is a bit like Yotsuba: happy, curious, lively with a simple mind but sometimes with a mischievous behavior.

Good start, I liked the introduction of each new character. So far they are all likeable. The art is also nice, similar to Yotsuba again.