Taboo For You

Taboo For You - Anyta Sunday, Teresa Crawford, Lynda Lamb, HJS Editing, Caroline Wimmer It has everything I like in a MM romance: friends-to-lover trope, funny scenes, good characters, low-angst, touching scenes and the right amount of steam. Sam is an almost-30-year-old father of a 15-year-old boy (i know! wth) and he makes a list of things he would like to do before he turns 30. So when his neighbor and friend Luke comes back from a sabbatical journey, he asks him for a little of help. Some things of his list were pretty innocent, like getting drunk or dying his brown hair to black. Some others were a bit more, err, "taboo", and if it wasn't because Luke found that list and kept it as a lucky charm, Sam wouldn't have crossed some of his wishes.

So 1 of 2: or I have a major tiny obsession over [b:No Homo|21570001|No Homo|RemainNameless||40902451] and should make a no-homo shelf, or this book was similar to my favorite book. Like, Luke has been in love with Sam for years. Sam doesn't know his friend is gay. Sam is pretty naive and transparent. When he wants to do something "taboo" he goes to his friend but he is afraid his friend would misunderstand his actions, since they are both "straight" and bff (when all Luke wanted was DO all kind of taboo things with Sam, super willingly). When Luke kisses him, Sam is a bit confused, was that part of the deal? Poor Luke has to go with the flow (and the list) to get to Sam, and if Sam shows any discomfort/shyness, Luke has to pretend it is all because of the list. Sam starts to like all he does with Luke (kissing, touching, being glued to the hip and do "taboo" things) but he is in constant denial, putting the list as an excuse. While poor Luke gets his heart broken.

I love the amount of angst in this book. Not much but enough to make me cried a little bit. Like several times with Jeremy (Sam's son): when Luke yells at him, or when he was angry and sad about his mother. Or when Luke realizes he can't continue doing this (damn you Sam!). I even felt sorry for Jack, Luke's friend and hook-up on and off.

The book is told from the POV of Sam, Luke and Jeremy. I admit I wasn't into Jeremy's POV most of the times (he is just 14 and wanting to have sex with his gf. This may show my age, but he is just a kid. When I have to picture a 14-year-old boy in my mind, he looks like 10, so ew) but I like his interactions with his parents and Luke and his gay friend. It was sweet.

Sam and Luke are the best of friends, always spending time together, and it was adorable how Luke took care of Sam and Jeremy. How much he wanted to take care of them. How much they love each other, regardless of the romantic way. And how oblivious Sam was about all of it, while all the others (Jeremy, Carole -Jeremy's mom-) knew for years that Sam and Luke were meant for each other.

I am very happy with this romance, CUTE <3