Him - Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen

It was better than I thought. I don't know why, but I did not have high expectations. Maybe because when I see that a book is on the gay-for-you shelf I am pretty sure that it is misleading, that it will all be an out-for-you and I will be disappointed again.

Not this book. Wes is gay and has been in love with his BFF since they were teenagers. Years ago, him and Jamie made a bet, Wes lost (on purpose or not) and they had a thing. A thing that made me not-like Wes so much. I think he manipulated Jamie somehow. Sure, Jamie did not say no, was willing in fact, but... Don't know why, but I see it as a manipulation instead of seduction.

So this "thing" **spoiler** [Wes giving Jamie his best BJ experience] made Wes "fire" his bff; meaning, he purposely lost contact with Jamie. Fours years later, they meet again in a hockey convention, and restart their friendship. Since Wes is still in love with Jamie, he volunteers to coach later in the same camp where they had their best moments together, and where Jamie is currently coaching.

Their sexual tension in the camp was very hot. My, that first kiss! All of these scenes -in the pub, playing pool, Jamie being jealous because Wes was flirting with a guy- reminded me of Collide. Best friends that grew apart, one gay, the other straight. The gay one has always been in love with the straight one. Once the straight one knows his friend's sexuality, he has all these confusing thoughts about them.

What can I say, I love this kind of premise. It may be predictable but it still works for me. I love that both were very manly-looking, that they were a bit rough in bed. I love that Wes has a tongue ring -not sure if hockey players, or any kind of athlete, is allowed to have this kind of piercing- because it made their kiss a lot hotter.

What I did not like, though, was the OW (a slang I learned yesterday). I mean, it is good to show that Jamie has been straight all his life until he falls for Wes (after all, I am a fan of g4u) and both Jamie and Holly made it clear from the start that they were friends-with-benefits, but even so, I think he was a jerk with her. And I just dislike that there were scenes between them, especially that one at the beginning after they had sex. No, BOTH times really; after and before they had sex. Sorry but it was a big turn off for me. If authors are going to put M/F in a MM romance, make it behind curtains please.

Also, this is the first time when I think that the "straight" one will eventually miss to be with a girl. Sure, all is nice and romantic and hot at first, being in love with a guy, but there is something in Jamie that made me think he will miss the "soft curves" of a lady. Even when he was with Wes he liked to peek at girls. Yeah it is something that guys do in general, but in my books (in my MM books), I don't want that. He constantly thinks about girls and their curves, he checks them out, he compares being with Wes and being with girls, he even gets horny a couple of times for some girl.

For almost all the book they lived in a bubble of fantasy, in their own room. They were crazy for each other, they had the most awesome steamy scenes, but that was it, like Jamie was living in a bubble. In spite of being friends, they did not talk about their issues, feelings, thoughts. All was based on sex. Jamie did not struggle so much with his new sexuality, something that I wanted. And when he realizes he is bi, he is all "my family will love me anyway" which was too easy. I wanted more conflict, more inner struggles, more mixed feelings. All in all, it was just too easy (also the coming out of Wes) so it was a bit hard for me to root for them, since they did not have any battle to win.

The whole Wes with a mess family + Jamie with an awesome family has been made so many times. A big MEH.

To make this book better, I would take out all scenes with Holly and Jamie, remove that awful statement of Wes of "this will end after 4 weeks", make Jamie and Wes communicate (I don't have much patience with miscommunication) and made them work for their love. On the other hand, I would not change one bit of all the sex scenes; they were spectacular XD

My conclusion: this has a HFN. Sorry Wes, for now Jamie is in love with you, but in time, he will end up with a girl anyway.