Blame It On The Mistletoe - Eli Easton

Started really good, sweet and with a premise I love to read: a jock playboy and his nerd, virgin housemate. Mick is known in college as the "best kisser" and girls flirt with him constantly. Having heard about his reputation about the best kisses, his best friend, Fielding, who has never kissed anyone and is expected to get his first kiss in a party with a sluttish girl, asks Mick to teach him how to kiss. Mick refuses, because "he is not gay". But Fielding is pushy and keeps insisting. Mick keeps refusing but somehow cannot take that thought off his head. And he really wants Fielding to have his first kiss with someone special and who cares about him, not with that sluttish Susan.

So eventually, Mick makes a decision.

And it all starts with that kiss.

Really cute. When that leads to sex, it is somewhat cute still, although you can tell that it will lead to some kind of confrontation/hurt/regret, etc. Mick struggles with his feelings and tries to "be normal" by flirting with some girl, Fielding sees him and runs away.

And then it is when it starts to get MEH.

Mick decides then that he can't live without Fielding, finds him, and wow, out of nowhere he is the master of PDA and he is all "let's hold hands in public and kiss".

Which would not have been so bad if it wasn't for the epilogue. **spoiler** [Marriage proposal at 20-years-old. Fielding shows us that he is still immature with the whole running away and disappearing when he sees Mick with a girl. They are dating for a year and he is all "I want to spend the rest of my life with you"? They are in college and Fielding has never dated before, for God's sake. I don't like marriage in that age, whether it is a straight or gay relationship, so... The last half of the story was too rushed and a bit corny, IMO.]

Also, this is not a g4u story, but a "I realize I am gay because of you". Mick has never been with a guy before, but he also never had a real relationship with a girl, and has always feel closer to guys than girls. Also, when he was a teenager, he had all those thoughts of "let's jerk off together" with the current best friend of the moment.