Miss Treadwell's Talent - Barbara Metzger

A light, fluffy traditional regency romance, with colorful characters and a touch of paranormal. Maylene, her mother and aunt run a house that holds seances. There they are visited by several characters that want to talk to their dead relatives or find lost love ones. Socrates -what a name for a hero!- Hyatt is a distrusted rake that is there with his soon-father-in.law to find his lost fiancee.

I liked the banter between Maylene and Hyatt. I also liked that there is never a dull moment; there is always a seance, or a ball, or a walk in the park, or a short trip to Bath. And it is never just Maylene and Hyatt alone, but always surrounded by the secondary characters.

It is a mostly clean romance, meaning, no more that kisses. But also "mostly" because there are several mentions of mistresses (like Hyatt's) and more than a few less-than-chaste kisses between Hyatt and Maylene. Their attraction to each other is very passionate.

I did not like the way they ended up telling each other they love the other. Like, it was a bit out of nowhere. They are discussing and fighting and trying to deny their attraction, and then they are confessing their love and discussing their marriage. That part was a bit MEH.