My Fairly Dangerous Godmother - Janette Rallison, CJ Hill

My least favorite in the series. For once, I did not care for the heroine, nor for the hero, nor for the fairy story. I miss the spark that the other two books have. I don't feel like Sadie really mature. For around 90% of the book, she was shallow, childish, not very smart. She used to have a crush on rock singer Jason, her silly wish was that she has a great voice and that Jason loved her. Once in Little Mermaid's and Twelve Dancing Princesses' stories, she realizes he has a big ego and he was not the man she thought he was, so she turns her affections to the other available hot guy, Donovan.

Donovan was just too perfect for my taste. Intelligent, strong, handsome, nice, altruistic... his only crime was that he was poor so he was used to steal in order to survive. I don't buy their insta-love... like, why would they fall for each other, taking aside their "prettiness"? She was silly and shallow, he... well, of course she would fall for him, he was too perfect.

Chrissy got on my nerves in this volume. As a fairy godmother at least. It seems she was mean and petty on purpose, and was less willing to help than in the other two books. And although I love Little Mermaid, here both stories were not much of a parody like on the previous books.

The cover, on the other side.... Gorgeous! I love it, and only because of that beautiful cover, I almost do not regret that I have purchased the paper book instead of the e-book... almost.