Lady of Quality - Georgette Heyer

First time a hero is an uncivil rake (in a GH book, that is). His blunt manners are the reason Annis falls for him. Annis is an older heroine like Sarah Thames. Her pupil for some time, Lucilla, is a lively young girl, and luckily, not silly. On the other hand, Annis' cousin Maria was soooo tiresome. Even I was tired of her monologues, such an annoying creature! I thought Lucilla would end eventually with Ninian, but I guess they were too young yet.

I love the banters between Annis and Oliver. And eventually I did not mind the age gap. Lots of people like to meddle in Annis' life, poor her! One of my favorite GH books, it has never a dull moment and the romance was sweet.