Recommended for: Fans of No Homo (kind of)

Helping Hand - Jay Northcote

I wish Jez and Mac were more friends at the beginning; they seemed more flatmates than anything. Wish they were closer. But the story was cute, with some steamy scenes and definitely a g4u in Mac's case. I love that, although Jez fooled around with men when he was younger, he was a butt virgin. And a kiss-men virgin, as well. Because both experimented this for the first time together, both were a little terrified at first, but they could not stay away from each other (the glances! I love them in my romances, they are synonym of lust, passion, love, craving...) His first time felt real, nothing pink there. A bit awkward, a bit painful, pleasurable and Mac being gentle and sweet lover.

What lacked this book was, mostly, communication. They DID NOT talk, everything was "I thought he wouldn't want...". Except for the last part, there isn't any stupid misunderstandings, and the couple of jealousy scenes were hot. I love their first kiss, passionate and hot. I have a thing for this kind of plot, the "we are straight but let's watch porn together and eventually, let's jerk off to each other. But were are not gay" kind. In this case, I love that it wasn't corny -some books unfortunately fall in that category-.

The last part may be a bit rushed, them together and coming out. Or maybe I just wish it was longer. More feelings and more struggles to come out with their feelings.