Three Lords for Lady Anne (Signet Regency Romance) - Charlotte Louise Dolan

Charming. Cute. It is because of books like this that I want to go and purchase all Signet Traditional Regency Romances. I want to have a big library full of this kind of book.

If there are misunderstandings, drama, etc., everything was solved very quickly. No beating around the bush here. Anne (a namesake I love) was in her teens, a very unhappy child, who is rescued by her aunt. Then she becomes a formidable governess... not only because she can handle problems, from a drunk butler to a rogue master, but she is also freakishly tall. When she becomes the governess of a couple of boys (twins, besides Lords) she quickly gains their respect as well as their affection.

Poor boys! I liked them very much; their lives have been somewhat lonely although they did have each other. They were kinda like the Weasley twins: full of imagination and mischievousness, but they were not bad. It was inevitable for them to love Anne, the first person in their lives who could tell them apart.

The hero, Bronson, comes as a cynical, misogynist man at the beginning of the book. It is not after he meets Anne that he shows he is a good hero. And they do not even meet until past a third of the story! Nevertheless, it was cute, how he could not trust the governess, and how Anne disliked the uncle, without having met yet.

I love that both of them were smart. They had their moments to hate the other one due a misunderstanding, but each one of them analyzed the situation before giving their final judgement. Happened when the boys told Bronson the episode with Anne and their perv uncle (that was funny, who could not have misunderstood everything!), and happened when Anne at first thought Bronson was a terrible uncle.

If there is a bad thing about this book, it is all their prejudice against the opposite sex. In both cases, Anne's and Bronson's and their whole "all men/women were...".

I wasn't even bothered with the kind-of insta-love. When they first see each other, they can't take their eyes (and then, minds) from each other. But since they "did" know each other (through other people's gossips and rumors) and they kind-of cannot-stand-the-other, it was good.

Lovely and very recommended for people who are looking for a light, clean romance.