Flora Segunda - Ysabeau S. Wilce

I liked the book; the good stuff were pretty good and the bad stuff pretty bad. It started out great; I thought I was going to love it, but slowly it went downhill.

"Yes" to:

- Magical. The world created had enough magic for me to be very satisfied. I love the butlers (the detizens). Valefor was the kind of character that I enjoy to meet in Fantasy books. He was kind of a Califer: attached magically to the house. He could do anything and be the perfect butler; he was a bit of a complainer but he was fun and loyal. This of course, involves all the other butlers of the other Houses. Paimon was also an excellent character; looking like a fierce demon but actually, a clever and kind butler.

- The houses: I love big houses where you get lost with the thousands rooms. Besides, a stubborn Elevator and a huge Biblioteca. And of course, the butlers =)

- The different kinds of Bows.

"No" to:

- Flora: ok, ok, she is a teenager and teenagers behaved that way. But that does not mean that it is fun to read when a girl of 13-going-on-14 behaves like a know-it-all to end then with a failure and then be all self-pity. First she is nice to Valefor, then she is selfish. First she is nice to Udo, then she is selfish. And so on. She claims she wants to be a ranger, cannot stop saying "Nini Mo this, Nini Mo that" but she is not very clever, not very brave and jumps into conclusions without analyzing it first. All these things that Lord Axacaya told Flora were nothing but the truth. Overall, I did not like her, and I was indifferent to Udo, Poppy, Buck, etc.

- Absent parents. Although Flora has both her parents alive, they are not part of her daily life. How could she be responsible otherwise, with a father in a delicate constitution, and an absent mother?

- The political side: I was a bit bored with the whole Boy-Pirate part. From beginning to end.

- If you are going to use Spanish words, please research before doing it. It is not hard, especially if you are going to use ONE word instead of a sentence. We have dictionaries, Google and thousands other easy ways, for Heaven's sake. This is not the first time I encounter a stupid mistake like Idioto. Non-Spanish speakers think that everything that ends in A should be female and everything that ends in O should be male. While this is true in a 90% of the cases, it is not in words like "Idiota", "Mascota", etc. These words are both female and male. Do your research please before making an embarrassment of yourself. This mistake alone annoyed the hell out of me.

- That end. And all the questions without answers.
[What happened to the first Flora? What is the story of Poppy? And of Buck and the Pirate? What about Valefor? And so on.]