Flight of Magpies - K.J. Charles



What a bummer. I was at 91% on my Kindle, thinking I still got a good 9% of Stephen and Crane, but no! It ended without a warning :(

This book is angstier than the other 2, and the danger is also higher. A murderous painter, wow. It was creepy. But also, this one has less battles. Less magic too, I think.

I still love the magpies, it is so magical how they move around. I am going to miss them. At least 2 are left.


Esther has a tinier role, since she is pregnant of twins!


I don't like Merrick like I used to. I am glad that he is happy but damn, he is too old for Saint! Twice and a half her age? Yikes.


Seems like this is the end (except for novellas). We get the HEA with Stephen (finally) quitting his job (job that made him miserable and where he was underpaid), a ring in the future (2 rings, like newly-weds ♡♡♡), Stephen and Crane taking their deserved travel. I love how both of them could see how the other sees each other, it was very romantic. On the other hand, Stephen and Crane have their first big disagreement, mainly because of Stephen's job. Did not expect it to be so angsty.


The hot scenes were excellent, as always. Just a couple but full of energy and a bit of bdsm -light, very tamed, thankfully- I just did not like when Craven called Stephen a"whore". Yes, both like a bit of bdsm, but it seemed a bit OOC for him to called Stephen like that. That, and with the big argument, made me realize I like Stephen way more than I like Crane. Maybe because in their Big Fight it was like Crane had the upper hand, just because he was richer, more resourceful, more handsome, more wanted (by women AND men), while Stephen is poor, tiny and a workaholic. Crane doesn't like Stephen overworking; Stephen does not want to be a rent boy (living at Crane's expense). And at the end, it is Stephen who apologizes first. I kinda wish Stephen had been the top for once. . And their time together were never in bed ;)

Not sure if I will read the spin-off. I was not too attracted to Pastern. His skills, yes. Him, hmmm...

About the cover: **swoon** a movie should be made, starring the models on the cover.