Walk a Mile - Sarah Madison



I am having such a bad luck in the MM Romance genre lately, I am impressed. I thought I was playing safe reading the sequel of a nice, cute book like "Unspeakable Words" but no, once again I was cheated on.

Jerry and Flynn are still together, Flynn still has telepathy and they are still working on the case. This time, they are working in the East Coast. They find the artifact -a similar one- and a little surprise happens when they touch it at the same time: body-swapping. Not only bodies, but Jerry is the one who has telepathy now and Flynn has the photographic memory.

There are so many wrong things about this sequel...

1. It is really a one-side relationship. I don't doubt they both love each other -maybe Jerry loves Flynn more than the other way- but jeez, Flynn was constantly grumpy, NEVER told Jerry anything, and Jerry had to be careful on anything he said. Worst, if he was thinking something about it, Flynn got upset. If he used his soundproof method, Flynn was upset. Is Flynn the most miserable guy or what.

2. That part where they were going to have sex. After the body-swapping... Yikes. Too weird. I was so uncomfortable. Luckily it does not go any further than a few kisses. But still.

3. Jerry and his moment alone in the shower... after the body-swapping. Again, yikes. It was not his body, and doing that while Flynn was unaware and far away, working while Jerry.... Better stop there, I was super uncomfortable.

4. Jerry and his genius idea with the whole Flynn-and-his-mother-thing. It was none of his business to do that.

5. Jerry was tempted to cheat on Flynn while Flynn was away. Cheating with the park-guy. Nothing happens, but he considered and that was enough for me.

6. I was glad that Jerry was going to have his chance to read Flynn's mind but yeah, that was a huge disappointment. No mind-reading here. Because Flynn is so freaking capable to put all his thoughts in the soundproof thing. What were the benefits then? None.

In summary, WHERE IS THE TRUST BETWEEN THESE GUYS? Flynn does not say a damn thing, keeps all by himself and Jerry does not want to risk their fragile relationship by demanding anything, besides doing all that stuff behind Flynn's back.

Oh, and the biggest disappointment of all: this is not a G4U story. It may have been that way in the first book (Flynn all flustered with Jerry's thoughts and the little detail that Flynn asked Jerry what was so good about men and all his "I have never been interested in a guy before" facade. But no, ladies and gentlemen, turns out, Flynn HAS his little gay story; he only never bothered to tell Jerry.

That final chapter? Sorry, but I just can't anymore. The whole amnesia thing. Ugh, please.

If you love the first book but are dying to know what happens with the case and the whole telepathy thing, please refrain from reading this book. Not only NOTHING gets solved and ends with a cliffhanger, but you will end up hating Jerry, hating Flynn and hating Jerry and Flynn together. I know I do.