Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor

I am aware this is not a bad book. The setting is exotic, the chimeras are beautiful and the idea of little stones to have a wish come true is wonderful. I liked how Karou (I've read it all along "Kaoru") could make some silly things like give her ex-boyfriend annoying itches with her little gems. I love the setting in Prague. I liked how she knew several languages due her wishes.

On the other hand, I was terribly bored with the romance. And most of all, terribly bored with Karou's beauty (her unique blue-hair, her milky skin, her gorgeous figure, etc, etc) and Akiva's beauty. Ethereal beauty. Out-of-this-world-beauty. Yadda, yadda. I was terribly bored with the angsty, insta-love. Akiva was a such a boring character. And Karou too, for that matter. They were just too perfect. Supposedly bad-asses but hmm, not really.


I skipped most of the flashbacks.

The 1 star is not because it was an awful book. It is most because it wasn't for me. Zzzzzzzzz.