Crossroads - Riley Hart
OMG, a new gay-for-you romance!... was my first thought.

What! A double gay-for-you?!... was my second (and very excited) thought.

Bryce loves motorcycles and fool around with women and life. Nick loves to cook and has recently divorced. Both of them moved to a duplex, where they shared a yard. There is where they meet and connect as best buddies. They share their stories, Bryce offers him to go out together and meet girls to hook up. Eventually, that leads to something more than friendship.

Ehh, I don't think I am into a double g4u, and let me say why. When one of them is gay, it is sweet how he flirts and seduce a straight guy. Like it is inevitable for them to finally get together. Like it is inevitable for the straight guy to fall for someone who loves him, no matter of the gender. In the case of a double g4u, it is just awkward and far from realistic.

This is one of those books where is more telling than showing. We are constantly told that "he was so happy with Bryce/Nick". Or "he has never laughed so much than when being with Bryce/Nick". Or "damn, he loved that man so much". Yeah, ok, we get it. You love him, you are happy with him, but show me, don't tell me over and over again in every damn paragraph.

When Bryce is confronted by his brother (when it is his brother who tells him Bryce is in love with Nick), I humphed. His reasons for knowing Bryce was in love with Nick were stuff like "you were looking at him all night, you were sure that he was never without a drink", etc. Eh? As if a friend can't worry for his new friend to be comfortable in the house of his parents, the night when this new friend is meeting the family for the first time. The reasons did not sound plausible, less of all when Bryce has been straight all his life and then out of nowhere, comes his brother to tell him, "hey, little bro, looks like you are in love with his guy for these reasons".

And Bryce goes from being offended (sort of) to "ehh, maybe I am... oh wait, I want to kiss him". Knock knock, and he is jumping to kiss Nick. Huh?

The transition from strangers to best buddies was all "telling" instead of "showing". I did not buy it, I did not feel their friendship. As in buddies, yes. As in best friends, no. No chemistry.

And the transition from best friends to lovers... highly unrealistic. If only one of them had been a bit interested in guys before... But no, none of them were ever, so there has been no seduction, or even a hint from the other guy to take it the next step.

When they become lovers it is good. Both of them experimenting all for the first time. Learning together was incredible hot. Their sex scenes... **flames**. Their dirty talks... **flames**. I can't deny that Riley Hart knows how to write these scenes.

Bryce' reasons for bottoming... ehh, MEH. "Take it easy, pal", was my thought mostly.

I also like their conflicts with their own families. The rejection and the acceptance. The struggle to come out. And what it is best, both of them struggling together, supporting each other, having their back for each other. I like that it was not easy but not entirely dramatic either.

Since my complaint lays on the beginning of their relationship, I think it would have been better if the author started the book with them as friends already. Not having to "witness" how they met and how they became friends, then lovers. It would have been better if their bromance was already established. As it is, I wasn't convinced and made the story awkward and a bit cheesy.

Also, there is an overused of the word fucking/fuck.

This is fucking strange.

Not fucking likely.

You're such a fucking idiot.

Total: 518 times.

So while I love to read g4u romances (my favorite kind of mm romance), I wasn't convinced with this one. MEH for the pre-lovers part, OK for the post-lover part. But bottom line, very unrealistic and unromantic.