The Butler Who Laughed (Regency Romance) - Michelle Martin

A clean, forgettable Traditional Regency.

I thought the idea of the hero (son of a duke) posing as a butler was sweet. Totally unrealistic, but sweet. He wants to help his dear friend Fitz to take a incriminating letter from his blackmailer, and what better than posing as a member of the staff? Lots of guests are invited, among them, our heroine Sarah, who is forced to accept the hand of Fitz.

I guess I was hoping for a funnier, cuter, more romantic story. When I've read the "twinkle in Rawlins' eye" I was ecstatic. I thought he was going to be an amusing, teasing hero. Disguised as butler, nonetheless! A handsome man in a dignified pose is so swooning. Like a Sebastian Michaelis in a Regency romance Instead, I got a serious, aloof, unhappy man.

I never felt the chemistry between Rawlins and Sarah. Mostly because Rawlins was so cold and aloof. Allies, yes. Comrades, no. Rawlins was just another friend among the staff for Sarah, only more educated and more handsome.

Another thing is that there were too many supporting characters. Besides one couple or two, I forgot most of the times who was who. There was no need to have so many supporting characters.

Ugh, Sarah's parents. To me they were well written because they resembled parents of today as well. Parents that insist their unwed daughters make a good "catch", pushing their daughters to pretend being someone they are not. And if that doesn't work, these parents blame all to the daughter and her poor figure. Sarah's mother was the worst of all, slapping Sarah whenever she was disappointed or angry.

Sarah's and Fitz' scheme to scare their parents to call the engagement off was entertaining. But a bit unsatisfying because I thought Rawlins was going to be part of it, making it a funny, intelligent trio with witty ideas. He was not. He barely contributed with things like "they don't like xxx" and that's it.

It wasn't too romantic because the interactions between Sarah and Rawlins were MEH.

Overall, a so-so romance.