Widdershins - Jordan L. Hawk

If you take aside the whole MM romance, this is the kind of book that would entertain anyone who likes adventure, monsters, a bit of magic... I only needed to know that a museum, a huge library, papyrus, mummies and a spell to revive dead people were involved and I would have probably read this a lot sooner. To be honest, I would have preferred if the setting was in Victorian London instead of Massachusetts (it just did not feel right, but maybe it is just me, who prefers her Victorian stories in EU).

The story is a bit of a mix between "The Mummy" and "Pet Cementery", perhaps. I loved that part where Whyborne was in the museum and was attacked by that Guardian. Specifically because I love strange, paranormal, dangerous stuff happening in museums, and because Christine (Dr. Putnam, if you may) was a bad-ass. I was going to drop it at that time to continue next day, but I was so into the story I stayed up all night to finish it.

In regards to the MM Romance, I love this kind of couple: one a gay-virgin-awkward-nerdy scholar (who can talk 13! languages.. mostly dead languages) and the other a hot-armed-with-a-gun-and-sword detective. I love Whyborne's office and his profession (plus all his books and notes), and Griffin's teasing, kind personality. I did not fall for them nor their romance, but I acknowledge they were sweet together.

Mostly I could not like Griffin entirely, but I blame it mostly to my present mood (which is gloomy, btw). Two reasons: **spoilers**1) the first time they are together and get to climax, Grifin says "Ival" (note that Whyborne's whole name is Percival Endicott Whyborne and that he prefers to be called by his last name). When I read that name, it made my blood boil. I almost quit because of that. Why? Because I thought he was saying his former lover's name while being with Whyborne. Yeah, I was an idiot. It was just a pet name for Whyborne. In my defense, the last MM romance I read had a kind of cheating, and I can't handle that right now -or ever-. 2) After some time together, Whyborne finds Griffin's notes, notes that he made before knowing each other. In those notes, Griffin indicates that he suspects Whyborne is part of The Brotherhood, that Whyborne is a sodomite and that Grifin would try to seduce him in order to get information. When I read that, I saw red, just like Whyborne. First of all, I despise the word "sodomite", just like a hate "whore". And secondly, well, I did not expect it from Griffin and I felt it like a treason (again, blame it to the last MM romance I read).

I warmed towards him a little bit when he told Whyborne he had been in a madhouse. Madhouse in Victorian period... **shudders**.
**end of spoilers**

And kudos for the author for making an awesome female character! Who is not only a bad-ass (with guns and all) but who is a good friend and supports Whyborne and Griffin together.

Maybe it was just me, but it was like reading a Merthur fanfic. Whyborne, awkward, permanently red-ears who knows a bit of magic, and Griffin, who has a cane that is in reality a sword in disguise. It worked for me because I am a fan of Merthur =)