Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle That Set Them Free - Héctor Tobar

The story of the 33 men in Chile that were buried for 69 days under 660 mts. I followed the case when it happened, who didn't? It was a true miracle. I re-watched some clips when the first miner (Florencio Avalos) got out; it was very poignant. I did not remember the capsule; re-watching it amazed me. So tiny.

The story was captivating. I was moved when that note "all 33 are fine" was read. Like I was witnessing again that moment. Or how everyone was following the case, and all the help that was offered and provided (although some were for selfish purposes).

The writing, however, not so much. First of all, it was somewhat technical. Still now, after finishing it, I don't understand the structure of the mine. The different levels, for example. Also, the writer adorned the miners and their personal lives too much. I wanted the raw story without any embellishment. This way, it did not make the miners too different one from the other. Every once in a while it was: "XX, the man who hugged his wife that morning". Or "XX, the man who had a pregnant girlfriend". Once they are rescued, though, it is completely different, like it was written by a different author. Only there I could remember who was who; could appreciate their personalities and own personal issues.

The translation was not good (I think the author wrote this in English?). As far as I know, the Chileans don't say "vos" (you), but "tú". Most of the translation was with "tú", but there are a couple of "vos" that bothered me.

It is amazing how, the first days when they were alone and praying to be rescued, they were all supporting and helping each other. Then, how once the preparations for the rescue started, and they were becoming famous and the symbol of Chile, the greed and fame changed them. And finally, once outside, how the money and becoming a celebrity influenced positively (but more negatively) in their lives.