Familiar - M.L. Rhodes

Eh.. this was... OK. Just OK. Not bad, but forgettable.

I picked this up because a) that cover. Looks like a fun, light, cute book. With loads of magic. And b) the MC's name is Emrys. I love that name. When I started reading it, it was like reading a Merthur fanfic (here, a fan of Merthur).

Emrys (Emrys... cool name. Love it) is a geek witch who falls in love at first sight with David, the blond football player. Emrys steals a glance or two for 2 years, until the night of the prom, where accidentally he meets his love in an abandoned house. Turns out, David has been in love with Emrys since the moment he's seen him but couldn't tell him (he has his reasons). They spend the whole night together but for a certain reason, David/Oliver has to leave town. They meet again 3 years later and it is like they have never been apart.

Basically, that is the plot.

I was pretty much let down because the story does not fit the cover. First of all, it is not entirely light. Oliver has some serious business that keeps him apart from Emrys for 3 years. Secondly, it is not that magical. Since Emrys is a wimp in magic, except when he is touching Oliver. And hello, all throughout the book, they are like, 2 nights together. One on the night of the prom, which takes half of the book, and the other when Oliver comes back, which takes the other half (sex, sweet words, danger arises, magic happens, sweet words, a solution, and more sweet words). So yeah, Emrys is pretty useless and not the witch I was hoping. And last, it was much more steamy than I was hoping. That cover suggests a light, fluffy, cute romance. Instead, I got a smutty, overly sweet insta-love.

Besides, there are several inconsistencies. This book really needs a better editor. It is written in 1st person, from Emrys POV, but, sometimes it was like it was written in 3rd person:

[...]he pressed my fist to my chest. Should have been, I pressed my fist to my chest.

[...] pressing the phone that Emrys has still been holding out, should have been, that I was still [...]

Could have been better, less insta-love and more magic. Less smut and more plot-development.