The Curse of the Island Pool - Virginia Coffman
Pros: the mystery. I had no idea who the murderer was, everyone was a suspect. When it is finally revealed it seemed to OoC, proving that the murderer was the least suspicious of them.

Cons: the heroine, Cathy, was a hysterical chick who depended too much on the men. Weak character who did not have enough common sense. The other characters were all unlikeable. There is a woman killed by a car and no one reacts like it is supposed to. The love interest was bland and without a trace of humor. He was also a watchdog (Cathy could not give a step alone outside of the house without him or another bully dragging her back) and an ass.

He smiled a little to soften his reply. "Never think, Cathy. It is not one of your strong points.

And her reaction:

I was half pleased at his mastery and half annoyed at his remark, and I sat silent, in a huff.