My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century - Rachel  Harris

I love Fantasy with Time-travel elements. But when it comes to YA books, I did not have much luck, except for a couple of excellent books. Mostly because the heroine is too annoying or because the author is not able to write a story that does not feel contemporary.

Not in this book, luckily. Cat a.k.a Patience, is a likeable character, mature and sensible, but acting like a teenager. Although it was not original that she has family issues, that she is a loner and a nerd, it was well written, meaning that her family issues felt real, and her nerdyness was about paintings and art instead of books. It is true she slipped some words like "easy-peasy" (if they were all talking in Italian, how come Cipriano said this expression? I guess he said his Italian counterpart), but at least she did not make stupid things like asking for ketchup (like it happened in another YA book I've read, which was ridiculous. Well, that heroine was stupid, TBH). In fact, and thank Goodness, she adapts pretty quickly and tries to live the most of this exciting adventure.

Although I am not an expert in Medieval period, I think the story was consistent, what with all the clothes, way of living and talking, food (except I always think that medieval food taste awful, instead of yummy). I liked her new family, especially Alessandra, which is good because there is a sequel from her POV.

I could imagine Cat's horror when she discovered Niccolo's plan. To be honest, it was pretty obvious what was going on and it annoyed me a little bit that Car could not see it. Considering her age and that Niccolo was in business with her uncle, and the way he flirted.... Yikes, disgusting.

It was impossible not to like Lorenzo, who was charming but had that "bad boy" image. I could not blame Cat for trying to be disinterested.

I did not like the end. I know these kind of stories can end one way only, but it does not matter. I prefer if Cat ended alone (she is just 16, she has plenty to live). In fact, I think it was rather creepy **SPOILERS** having to settle down with the descendant of Lorenzo. She fell for Lorenzo, had a fling, cannot have him but hey, she is meeting his doppelganger and let's live all HEA. Yeah. Not convinced.

In summary:

- characters: 4/5
- first part of the book: 4/5
- middle part of the book: 3/5
- last part of the book: 2/5

Taking half star off because of mentions of the Kartrashians and TS, "the Regina George in sheep's clothing" :P