Dark Space - Lisa Henry



Since I've read her fanfics I became LH fan. I don't know if that is the reason, but doesn't the Brady in the cover look a bit like Stiles (like the actor I mean.. I think his name was Dylan?) And Cam has green eyes and tanned skin, just like Derek <3

I was really engrossed in the story. Yesterday night I could not put it down, and I had to wake up early today. I like when there is a connection between the MC, and if it involves mind-reading, even better.

His closeness worked where words were f***ing useless. Just another thing that would hurt when it was gone.

I also like g4u stories, but I don't feel like this was one of them. True, Brady did not have any interest in men before Cam, but he also did not struggle too much when he was having all these feelings for Cam. Besides, Brady was really young (19), so it may have been a case of late out-of-the-closet thing.

But I also think that Brady did not have much choice, being inside Cam's head and lusty dreams... dreams that were, mostly, about Cam and his former lover having sex. Or the nightmares about Cam being raped by the Faceless.

I knew beforehand that it was going to be dark, but I did not expect it to be THAT dark (her fanfics are so light... rainbows and laughs). I did not expect rapes. I did not expect a love square. Or sex square. Or whatever. I may have to use Brady's favorite word (this boy was certainly angry, and loved to curse).

I did not expect such a mind-f***ing book. It was insane, I don't know how Brady survived. Or Cam, for that matter. But mostly Brady, being inside Cam's head and having to witnessed Cam's memories of being raped by the Faceless (and liking it), or being f***ed by his former lover. Did not Brady have enough with losing his family and having being raped? Cam was so f***ed up, poor guy. Their relationship was totally f***ed up. Without that connection... ah, I don't know. I didn't feel their love. Just two f***ed-up guys with a connection.

I was a bit scared once Faceless came in and took them. I admit that the waiting and all the "He is coming soon" did not impact me, mostly because it was repeated again and again but once they are with him... Holy f***, it was f***ing terrifying, and yes, it was confirmed that Cam was totally f***ed up.

And the ending? You could say it was satisfying but not for me. I don't understand all the 5 stars but at the same time, I do get the overrating (because it is LH).

To summarize:

- writing: 5/5
- story: mmmm hard, some were 4/5 but other parts were 2/5
- characters: 2/5.. sorry, I did not fall for Brady (too angsty) or Cam (too f***ed-up)
- setting: 5/5
- mind-reading: 5/5
- bio-chemistry between Brady and Cam: 4/5
- real chemistry: i guess it does not exist really **shrugs**