A Beginner's Guide to Wooing Your Mate (Being(s) in Love) - R. Cooper

I love the Being series. I love this author.

Like it predecessors, this book (which has an awesome title) is mostly sweet. Zeki, a human wizard, comes back to his old town after 5 years, still with a crush for an old schoolmate, Theo. Theo is a werewolf, and the little town is always gossiping about him, and also worrying about him. You see, his mate Rejected him (that is right, with a capital R) 5 years ago, and Theo is heart-broken. He could not forget him nor date other people. Zeki cannot believe, once he keeps up with the gossip, that someone could Reject Theo, who is not only handsome, but also very kind.

All town is aware that Zeki was the one who rejected him, but Zeki isn't. It was all a big misunderstanding. Eventually, all people (were and humans) can tell what really happened, except Zeki and Theo. Zeki kind of hates the person who broke Theo's heart and Theo kind of thinks Zeki may be giving him another chance, since 5 years ago (when Theo was 16 and Zeki 17) Theo had no clue about courting and did it all wrong.

This is why I love this author. Not only she writes excellent (she can turn a simple story into something so sweet and beautiful and enjoyable) but she also keeps her stories ansgty-less. There are no villains, no one-dimensional characters. Only a human and a werewolf with a crush for each other. I love how she created the rules of mating and courting. I love how she made Theo also a magical werewolf (he can put his feelings into his baking, isn't that sweet?). I love how slow-paced her romances are; that her characters are maybe a bit too sensible (they tend to over-analyzed everything, and most of the times, to misunderstand the feelings of the other), but that is exactly the plot of her books. Not a kidnap or a murder or a love triangle; only two guys who can't figure it out the other one's feelings.

There is not a single kiss until 65% of the book, which for me worked perfectly. Only R. Cooper can do that, or I would have been a bit impatient. Her characters do not jump into bed; they take their time to know each other. OK, not really in this book, but there is a lot of sexual tension: looks, stares, longing.

It may have been better if there were at least 2 extra chapters. Zeki and Theo just started to fall in love with each other. The whole idea of "mate" is terrifying, and it is what kept them apart for a while. But they cannot live without each other, and once they accept it, and accept that they should continue to court each other (and keep it slow) is where, BAM, it ends.

Luckily Beings in Love Nr. 4 is released! I finished re-reading "A boy and his dragon" just yesterday. This one is my favorite one, and I cannot wait to read it again. From 4 of her books, 3 have semi-naked guys in her covers, which I cannot figure it out why, since the books are not smutty at all.

Can I repeat that I love this series? I do, I do.

Recommended for people who love Sterek. There are several similarities that I could not help to compare:

- Theo is a werewolf and has dark hair. He is very popular with both sexes, and has a killer body.

- Zeki was kind of a loser in school. He likes to babble when he is nervous.

- Zeki lives with his father. He has no siblings and has lost his mother when he was a boy.

- Zeki is a strange name, just like Stiles. Zeki Janowitz is unusual, just like Stiles Stilinski.

That is all I can remember for now. Not much, but when I was reading it, it was there.

It is not smutty. Mostly it is just kissing and touching (let's not forget the longing stares, which to me are just as hot). Lovely conversations and minimum paranormal things, just claws or intense stares.

Now, it is the Sheriff's turn, and his Littlewolf. I am very curious.