RustBlaster - Yana Toboso

I am going to kill YT if she ends KS like this, in such a vague way.

Despite being the same mangaka, the art is not as pretty as in KS. Some of the characters, like Kei, did resemble, but others, like Aldred and the rest of his squad (except maybe little Lyd, who when she cried, she looked exactly the same as the crying children in KS) were far from pretty. Too raw, like bigger mouths and stiffer hairs. All of the characters seem into Visual Kei: the clothes, the hundred earrings, the weird hairstyle, the black fingernails... and doesn't Aldred's dad look a little like a young HYDE? Less pretty, obviously.

The beginning is not too catchy, but it turns a lot better. I liked the idea of Kei being a human who turns into a weapon only when Aldred drinks his blood (very shounen-ai, if you ask me) and becomes the wielder of the spade. It is a very good one-shot; it could have been better if it has at least one more volume.

That ending made me suffer, but only because I can imagine that YT will end KS (in a far, far, far future, I hope) in that way.