Royal Date - Sariah S. Wilson

I was waiting impatiently for the release of this book. I loved the author's first book, and I felt also part of the publication of this book because I voted for it in Amazon (my first time).


Boy, this turned out to be a total disappointment. It was boring, so boring. I could not stand the MC (I forgot her name, she is THAT forgettable). Seems like fun, right? A common girl meeting a prince. She is a guest in his castle and they fall in love. Yeah, it would have been fun if they said characters were NOT so perfect. I hated the prince. Was there a reason? Not really. Just that he was TOO perfect, physically and in behavior. I distrust this kind of man, to be honest. If he had at least ONE flaw... but he didn't.


Very corny, and all situations are extremely unbelievable.