What I Did For a Duke - Julie Anne Long

I did not read the other books from the same series. I started with this one (caught my attention, unlike the others). Cannot be read as standalone. It was not like I was completely lost, but I think it is better to start with Nr. 1.

I did not like:

- The love-triangle: which extends until the final page. For about half of the book, I was thinking that Genevieve loved Harry but was lusting only for the Duke.

- I was not very impressed with the beginning. Alex seeking revenge, Genevieve mourning her lost of love....

- The plot is idiotic.

- The age difference: it is too much. Almost 20 years! I know in that time the bride was almost always younger than the groom, but still.

- Genevieve realizes her feelings in almost the last page! Inconceivable.

What I liked:

- Their relationship flows very nicely. Nothing is rushed. In fact, it may seem sometimes that is is slow. I liked that, that they become friends, and eventually, lovers. It is all very smooth. Not even once Genevieve feels ashamed, or embarrassed, to be his lover. And that is because their romance is also based on friendship.

- Alex is a wonderful lover. The love scenes were tasteful, romantic, and yet, passionate.

Summary: I did not fall in love with neither Alex nor Genevieve, but I liked them together. It was a believable romance. I did not love the story but I understand why people like this author.