The Backup Boyfriend - River Jaymes

Super angsty. Which I am not a fan of. Mostly because ansgty means lack of communication skills and one of them behaving like a jerk. Which happens in this book.

There are a couple of good aspects, but mostly, negative points.

1. This is NOT a gay-for-you story. Seems like it, but eventually we see it is not. It may seem obvious though. Hello, Dylan's first time bottoming was **snaps of fingers** like that. He asked for it. He asked to do it again. He did not have any inner struggle being with a man (one of the things I love the most in a g4u romance). He never freaked out. He never questioned himself anything. Disappointing.

2. I felt sorry for Dylan -around the end-, but that did not make him a good main character. He was a true jerk as a potential boyfriend. Man, the many times he hurt Alec with his words! Or denying every possible relationship between them. His past is truthfully horrible but since he tells Alec almost at the end of the book, I spend most time just not caring about him and his commitment issues.

3. Alec was nice, and I like the sex swing. But jeez, he truly has the worst luck in love. Falling for guys who are the worst boyfriend material. Yes, Tyler was a good person. Dylan was a good person. But as boyfriends, they suck. I wished the babbling and photographic memory were more detailed. As they were, it did not make Alec more adorable. It was like the author tried to sell us that cute tic, and when you are actually reading the book, it is like "and then?".

4. The sex scenes were so... impersonal. Hello, they have a bj scene, and then the full action scene, and not even ONE KISS?? I much rather prefer a make-out scene than sex. It was so detached. Not even a lot of skin against skin. It was so unromantic. They were just buddies with benefits. Cuz I was not convinced that they were entirely friends. Just buddies.

5. I wish the author narrated the scene where Alec was drunk and gave his dirty talk trying to convince Dylan that bottoming was awesome. Or when they went to watch the football game together for the second time. The author had the worst decisions making these scenes behind the curtains. I think they were going to enforce their chemistry together, but as it was just told, as in memory, they did not help it to convince me.

6. I love plots with "pretending to be boyfriends". But it was so underdeveloped here. Just in the first couple of chapters. I was hoping for more tension, more confusions of feelings. But sadly, no.

7. Noah just jumps into their moments together. And practically forbids them to be together. I know he was a good friend and care for them, but please! Let them be. To witness their first time together was such a turn-off. Couldn't he at least knock the door??

Was it fluffy? No. Was it funny? No. Was it romantic? hm, I don't think so. Was it boring? Not really. Will I read the rest of the series? No, since I have not fallen for the rest of the characters, and since I have 0 interest in their love life. Would I recommend it? Probably not. Unless you like angsty, unromantic, unbelievable mm romances.