Why I Let My Hair Grow Out - Maryrose Wood

I will start with the good stuff. It is set in Ireland, with Irish mythology, which I love. The faery world that involves people of real, actual life (people Morgan just met), was also good.

Unfortunately, there are more negative points to the book. First, Morgan is a total bitch for about 3/4 of the story. It was just too much when she was listening to the poor widow, who lost her husband of cancer just a month ago. Instead of feeling sorry, she was annoyed and had the nerve to compare that incident to her breakup. "People die, deal with it" was her thought. What A Bitch.

She is an American, but she is in true the Irish Morganne. Right. Because it is always an American girl the descendant or true hero or whatever.

Her ex boyfriend Raph is not a character in the book, but boy, is he mentioned in every other paragraph or what. Raph this, Raph that. So annoying, just shut the hell up! I don't care about your stupid ex or about your "cute" fling.

Let's just say that Morgan is a really annoying MC, and I don't care that she changes for better later. She ruined the book for me.