Mrs. McVinnie's London Season - Carla Kelly

I love these Traditional Romances written by Carla Kelly. So sweet! True, I was not completely hooked by the beginning, although I appreciated that, being Jeannie a widow, she truly loved her husband (unlike some other romances where she just liked her deceased husband, and it is only when she meets the hero that she knows what true love is).

This book has the right amount of:

- chemistry: from the moment they meet it is like Jeannie and Captain Summers have met each other their whole life. I love every time she scolded him. It was so natural and their conversation flowed so easily.

- cuteness: like in other CK books, they bond as friends first, until they fall in love. Also, I liked how easily Jeannie and Edward become friends; how quickly Jeannie becomes protective of Clare; how slowly Jeannie makes Larinda love her.

- great heroine: maybe Jeannie is a little too perfect (making everybody like her, including the Beau Bromell!) but her personality is excellent, and it is impossible not to like her. Her story is sad, her intentions are good, her character is strong and independent.

- great hero: Captain Summers is a beta disguised of alpha. He is a bully and most people fears him because he acts tough and severe. But he is kind and has the twinkle in the eye I love so much when he is with Jeannie. It was only natural when they start calling each other by their first name. Or tell each other their secrets. He is not an Adonis (he has thinning hair) but he looks elegant in his uniform.

- drama: life in the army and in the navy is tough and we glimpse how the soldiers are after a war. Although there are balls and walks in the park and description of clothes (the kind I love to read in GH books), there are also sad and/or gloomy moments.

- romance: it is all very cute and clean.

I was a bit disappointed with the end, but at the same time, I think it was OK. Mostly because some epilogues are just too corny, and CK avoids them in her endings. So although we are not told, we just know the HEA for Jeannie and Will.