Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - Michael Crouch, Becky Albertalli

** spoiler alert ** Honestly, about half of it I did not think it was THAT cute. It reminded me in several ways to the book "Fangirl": Simon (who is gay), college, teenager issues, etc. And the overrating. But it gets better, and yes, the emails turned out to be cute. I could not hate Martin, who was a bully. What he did was wrong. He behaved like an ass. But he wasn't a bad person, and he was truly sorry at the end.

Simon's family was awesome. And his friends too, once he comes out. I think this was way sweeter than "Boy meets boy". The whole "come out" is more real but at the same time, more like an utopia. True, there was a couple of bullying times, but there were people (like Taylor, the professor, his friends) that were there out for him.

The book is also very mixed in terms of race, which I also found positive. Abby was a nice friend, although she lost some points when she got angry at Simon after she founds out he was being blackmailed. Really? Getting angry for that when poor Simon had to go thru all that? But she redeems herself quickly enough, at least.

So in terms of sexuality and acceptance, I liked this story very much. In terms of romance, yes, it was cute (but I have read cuter). And in terms of comedy, there isn't much, but it was passable. In terms of characters, good but nothing outstanding (heads up for Simon's family and Blue).