Where You Least Expect It - M. Durango

What I liked...

- Matt and Christian bond before becoming lovers. It was sweet how quickly they connect, how comfortable and happy Matt was around Christian.

- Since the book is short, Matt does not dwell on him being gay for a long time. Yes, he has conflicted emotions, but it does not last long. Anyway, it is not a G4U story. Matt used to have a girlfriend, but it always lacked something.

- There are no seme nor uke in the relationship.

- I could relate to Matt, with the whole friends trying to meddle in his love (or lack of) life.

- Matt and Christian talked. If it seemed like it was going to be a misunderstanding, one pushed the other so they could be on the same page. First Matt with his nightmares, then Christian with his money problems.

- Matt's bff, Sam, quickly accepts his friend's sexuality, and there are no hard feelings.

What I did not like...

- Matt and Christian first time together. A blow-job without even one single kiss. Not one.

- Too much sex? Not that I am complaining, but there were times when Christian seemed tired (like, not enough sleep) so it was not unreasonable the times he snapped.

All in all, it was a sweet, hot MM Romance. I liked the beginning of their romance, the middle (because they had their own little fights) and the ending was cute.