MARY: The Summoning - Hillary Monahan

Unfortunately it fails to be a scary book. Sure, Mary is constantly there, in the mirror, in any glass, in the bathroom, but although I know she is, and the girls know they are hunted by her, it is not scary. The writing was off. I never felt thrilled nor a bit of excitement with Mary on the picture.

The characters were also terribly bland. It was like Regina George and the rest. The MC, Shauna, narrates all events, but her voice is weak. Is she truly terrified? Is she truly angry? I could never tell. Her friends did not seem like her best friends; Jess is like the Regina George of the group (mean, beautiful, the leader) and the other two were kind of the same. The quartet never felt like a true group, were they honestly friends? The story lacks many things, among them, true feelings. It was very off.