Slightly Married - Mary Balogh

What a wonderful book. It was so well narrated, with very likeable characters. I cannot say it was perfect... there were times where I wanted to slap at Aidan, but the story is so plausible and their love so sweet I was rooting for them since the very beginning.

The marriage of convenience is really well done. And then, their slow but believable, love story. Only once they are married Aidan and Eve are aware of each other, but only a tiny bit. Their relationship may have ended before it started if it wasn't for little circumstances that keep them together... like attending a gathering so people at town could meet Eve's husband, or then, people in London to get to know the new Lady Aidan.

Eve is an excellent heroine. Although it seems like she is kind of a martyr, with the loss of her brother + no news from the guy who was supposed to be her almost fiancee + taking in people in need (orphans, a mutt, a disgraced governess, ex-criminals, etc), not for one minute I considered her bothersome. She has her own land, she is independent and educated, and she may be the daughter of a coal miner, but she is proud, capable lady.

Aidan is also an excellent hero -a beta one, my favorite-. He is so kind, so aware of his duties. There were a couple of times where he hurt Eve with his words, although he did not mean to. He is a perfect gentleman and a good husband. Not so good as lover, IMO. Maybe I was expecting a little more of foreplay, not so much a jump-into-the-action (the first time, with all clothes on). But at the same time, that is one of the things I like about MB. That she does not spend so much time in sex scenes descriptions (but in my opinion, she could have written this book at least ). So it was a positive but also a negative point.

Aidan has numerous siblings. I thought I was going to find something similar to the Bridgeston' series -you know, the family all happy and good looking, all tight and easy to love- but it was quite the contrary. When Eve first meet some of his brothers and sister, they are cold. Like with the romance, they slowly, but believable, start to like her and finally, accept her.

I admit that this may be the first time I was hoping for the ex-suitor to come and make things difficult! Aidan needed a little push a couple of times.

So everything should summarize in that: all relationships start slow but it is credible. Aidan with the children, Eve with the siblings, and most important, Aidan and Eve. We see why the fall in love with each other; we understand it right away that they are meant to be. MB truly is a gem in Regency romance.