The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein

I shed at least one liter of tears reading this book. I have no doubt that dogs are like this beautiful Enzo. So loyal, so brave. From page 1 to the last, it is impossible not to cry. He loved his master so much... But it is not only his beautiful words, but all the painful moments both he and Denny have to go through. I don't like racing cars to be honest, and some of the parts where Enzo narrated his love for the race, or the rules of racing, were not my thing. But I understand that it was a metaphor for life, so eventually I got more interested.

Since the story is narrated from Enzo's POV, if he thinks his master is perfect, you will think he is. If he feels envy for the arrival of a stranger woman, you will feel envy. If he thinks the in-laws are monsters, you will do it as well. The empathy is inevitable.

This lovely book is a must for dog-lovers. I love it, I want to buy several paper-books and give it as gift to people who like to read. And I want Enzo, such a wonderful animal ***sobs***