True Brit - Con Riley

I love to read "Gay For You" stories. I love to find two good, solid MC in my books. And this book has both. There were times when I was comparing their "idol" lives to my Idols' lives. The conspiracy, the cameras, the fan, the hashtags... Also, I love to read "pretend to be boyfriends" MM romances. Pash and Ed getting together was sweet. I turned into a puddle of water around the half of the book. They were really cute together. Ed's story was moving, and I was a bit tearful in the final and in the epilogue, where Ed does something so sweet to Mandy, his BF's widow.

I liked Mandy and Ed's mum as well, they were well written (in fact, this is a very well written book! Nothing cliche, nothing too dramatic, nothing sappy...). I could not warm towards Anya though. She was a somewhat important character, but not very well developed. And when Pash(a) gets cold -not for long, thankfully- but I did not get it fully, the drama.

When it comes to Ed's and Pash's romance, I was a bit unsatisfied. I cannot even explain why exactly. The epilogue was nice and romantic, but it lacks something I think.

Nevertheless, a British MM romance, set place in a reality show!