The Salem Witch Tryouts - Kelly McClymer

Not a bad book, but it is very juvenile. And Prudence is just a spoiled brat. Also very shallow. Although, to be honest, I prefer a shallow brat over a Mary Sue. But she complains a lot, and although she is not an orphan (thankfully), her mother is pretty useless. Yes, her mother is a good witch, etc, but how come couldn't she at least advice her daughter before inscribing her in a witch school at 16? When all her life, Prudence had to behave like a normal teen? And then, bam! you are going to Agatha School for witches although you are ignorant in everything there is to know. Gee, thanks Mom. At least you could have given me the family spell book, tell me what a Talent is, etc.

I disliked all he hot boys and her bff. Oh, and her MSM with her bff. Is that the way teenagers write nowadays? WOW, they need to learn how to use comas and grammar. And what about that awful word "kewl"? Kewl this, kewl that. It was a little too much.

I may have liked it if I was 10 years younger. So yeah, I recommend this to people younger than 20.