Train Man - Nakano Hitori

Way too cute. Did not fail to move me all over again. The part where the netizens were cheering and congratulating him made me laugh like a maniac but with misty eyes. ((((;゚Д゚))))

The beginning of the book is not really a beginning; it is a continuation of a thread, and just out of the blue, this guy Train Man starts to tell his little adventure. The support he gets is amazing. Here we have a lonely, shy geek who has the chance to have his first relationship with a woman, and all these geeks (some of them who had zero experience as he has) cheer on him and give him advice. And every little step forward he makes is celebrated as a victory.

Although in this book I did not fall for Train and Hermes as I did on the manga, I did love the netizens as much or more as in the manga. It is impossible not to, especially the fervor they put in some things, like the Benoist tea! They are really into Train's story, it is very moving.

Although it is obvious it has to end, I also felt sad like they did when the thread was near the end. They felt very real (much more than Train, who likes to write so flowery he seemed fake some times).

Recommended to anyone who likes to laugh out loud and cry a little bit over sweet things. And for people who likes ASCII.. some were extremely witty and hilarious.