Confessions - Kanae Minato
In many ways, this book reminded me of "Battle Royale". Not the plot per se, but this story is also disturbing, dark, with some crazy characters, psycho students and gore moments. I was hooked from page 1. I could barely put it down. It is narrated from several PoV; it begins with the teacher Moriguchi telling her students in class the story of the murder of her little girl, and that she knows who've done it. The first chapter ends with her telling them how she started out her revenge.

Like in BR, we get to know the main characters since each chapter is telling her/his story before and after the murder(and one of the MC's name is also Shuya). I think the proper title should have been "Mother", since every thing is related to mother/child relationship. In fact, there is a character who suffers from Oedipus complex.

Eye for an eye.