Kawaii!: Japan's Culture of Cute - Manami Okazaki, Geoff Johnson

To say this book is cute is an understatement. It has amazing photographs, interesting interviews, and that cover alone is kawaii (OMG I want that hair. At the moment I have dyed tricolor hair but is not even close to that amazing, vibrant colors. Like a Lady Lovely Locks)

The book has different sections, like:

- Roots of kawaii
- Design
- Eats (my favorite 1)
- Dress (my favorite 2)
- Craft
- Visual Art

At first I though that once I visit Japan I would be overwhelmed with so many little, colorful characters. But with this book I learned that I would not because turns out, I love cute things! I just did not acknowledge it. I love their simple, round designs. Their wacky, over-the-top clothes. Their skill to make cute bentos. Their inspiration to create catching craft-work. Just while looking at these crafts I know I have to save a lot of money to indulge with this kawaiiness.

I cannot give it a full rating only because of abrupt end. It is an interview with some artist and then, BAM, the acknowledgments. No conclusion, no final words.

Other than that, I would recommend it to everybody.