Choices - Penny Brandon

Without knowing why, Marc enters an antique shop, where the shop-keeper shows him a mirror. In the mirror, he sees his true love, only that his true love is a man (Marc is straight as an arrow). At first he cannot believe it, but luckily it does not take him long to accept it. He decides to visit gay bars trying to meet this guy. When he does, he goes directly to the point. Liam (his true love) is flattered but of course, he thinks Marc is a bit nuts, especially considering that he is straight. But he is amused, and very attracted to Marc, so he accepts a date.

Although Marc is a bit scared, and not entirely convinced with sex between men, he cannot deny he lusts after Liam. I did not expect this cute, hot romance.

Marc does some research about gay sex and he is not interested. But when he is with Liam is a different story. On the other hand, Liam does not do relationships. He only has one-night-stand, never fall in love, etc. His reasons to avoid falling in love are lame, but I was not bothered by it. There needed to be a "reason" for them to not be together so fast. Once he meets Marc, there is no other guy for him, although he keeps telling Marc and himself that it is only about sex (they take it step by step, not all the way in the first night. Mainly because Liam "does not catch", and he wants Marc to really consider about it... and on the other hand, Marc suggests to be the top, but Liam will only enjoy it with someone he loves, so imagine where that goes at the end )

They may have known each other for only a few days, and may be things go a bit quick, but why delay the inevitable? The mirror told Marc that Liam is his true love . And frankly, it was impossible not to fall for Marc. He was cute, pushy, confident, never insecure to be with a man (well, yes he was, but not in his actions), and he was always happy to be with Liam. The romance was incredibly cute , with a lot of steamy moments . A true G4U romance.

The only fantasy element of the story is the mirror. Besides that, it is a normal, fun MM romance. But the mirror is essential.

I am not really interested in the sequel, to be honest. But I may consider it. (Edit: oh, it is not Simon's story, luckily).

Read in about 5 hours, same day. Hard to put it down.