Curious - R.G. Alexander

I thought I would not like this book so much because both MC, Jeremy and Owen, were manwhores. Besides, they had their own kink: Jeremy liked to do threesomes and exhibitionism (with both genders), while Owen was into BDSM (women only). And they were known for one-night stand.

But they get together since, what, page 2. They are best friends, meaning, they talk and trust each other. While there may be certain things that I encounter a lot in MM romances, like:

- Jeremy has been in love with Owen since college; Owen is straight until he "gets curious".

- They hide their relationship until scandal happens.

- Jeremy does not have a family per se; his family is Owen's, and he is loved like a son.

- Since the story is narrated from Jeremy's POV, we read his insecurities about their relationship. He loves Owen, but he is sure Owen is just "experimenting" and every time he misunderstands something, he is certain their fling is over.

BUT... it is also different because:

- Both MC are alpha males. And Owen is kind of bossy, which was very hot.

- Since they are friends from college, they talk about their insecurities. Although they almost don't need to do it, since Owen is very demanding and both are crazy for each other.

- When the Finns found out about their relationship, they were super nice and supportive, in a good way. Nothing was corny or over the top, and it was well done.

- The same when they tell each other how they feel. Good words, not cheesy but very romantic.

- The female characters were nice, not bitchy, and very important for both MC. True, I did not like that Tasha has been Jeremy's f*** buddy sporadically, but you can't have everything.

- Owen may have been new in man-sex, but he wasn't shy or insecure in bed, since moment 1. I loved it.

- Since they start being together on page 2-or-3, and both of them are possessive, there is no third wheel in their relationship. If there is man wandering around trying to hit on Jeremy, Owen jumps in like an alpha male.

- Their sex is smoking hot. And there are quite a few. Aaand they like to talk dirty (the good kind).

- I prefer dog over children in my MM romances. So I was happy to see that here.

- The BDSM is light.

Too bad it was so short. Although it also has it positive points, like less angst and misunderstandings quickly solved. But also less depth.