The Paid Companion - Amanda Quick

The plot is good, the kind that I like to read when it is well narrated. I am not saying that Amanda Quick is not a good writer (I have read most of her books, and I still consider her one of my favorite Historical Romances authors), but the thing is I feel that, if you have read half of her work, you have read them all. The "unexpected" factor is not there anymore.

To be honest, Eleonora was a nice heroine, not a whinny young girl, but a decent, almost sensible older woman (she is 26-years-old). Arthur was also OK, not too cold-heart, but still, he was supposed to be this eccentric, cold (yet very passionate) wealthy man, the kind we always find in AQ books. Eleonora, on the other hand, is supposed to be very smart, but again, I am told she is, it is not showing when I am reading it. At least, after she loses her virginity, there are no silly, predictable moments.

The story is basically: Eleonora loses all her fortune, including her engagement with a nice, handsome young man (who turns out to be a jerk, predictably); she is oh so nice, unique, with a strong personality. Wealthy, powerful Arthur is looking for a good paid companion who can accomplish the role of a fiancee. They find each other, form an alliance; in the following days Arthur trusts Eleonora to tell her his story, that he is looking for a murderer; she is so smart she advises him with some ideas he would have never thought about; every time he is going to have an adventure -a dangerous one- she insists to be with him, like she wouldn't be a burden. Lots of sexual tension, until they finally make love. Then Eleonora realizes she is in love, but oh no, she is only a paid companion, the inevitable kidnapping happens, he saves her, the murderer dies, and voila! the "I love you" happens, marriage, and the kids in a year after.

The End.

Eleonora was a bit meddlesome IMO; SHE decided that Arthur should buy that house; SHE decided it was good to help the Arthur's ex-fiancee. Their first time together was less than romantic; it started and ended so fast I felt kind of pity for Eleonora.

Not a bad book, but do not expect to fall in love with the characters or the story.