We Need to Talk About Kevin - Lionel Shriver

Starts really slow. Or better said, it was a drag, to be honest. I was waiting impatiently for Kevin to be born. Eva's voice was OK but the way it was narrated... all over the place. It is when Kevin is born that things get interesting.

The movie was good, but now that I've read the book, I think they made Eva wrong. She was not a cold-heart princess; she truly loved her husband, and tried to get closer to Kevin. On the other hand, Kevin is such a complex character every reader will have her/his own point of view in regards to his behavior.



IMO, it was not Eve's fault that Kevin was that way. It is very easy to blame it on the parents, but because the parents do not want to be parents, or in this case, because the mother could not love her own son, does that mean that all loveless children will turn into serial killers? No, not necessarily. It seems like Kevin is a psychopath since he is born.. no baby and no normal kid would act that way only to annoy her/his cold mother. His way of acting, of speaking, of thinking.. everything leads to think he is a psycho. But then that incident occurs, where he is sick and acts like a normal boy, and it makes you doubt. Does he care for his mother? Is it all an act? His feelings towards his mother is the big mystery; all the other (his feelings for his father and sister and society) is not.