The Gentleman and the Rogue - Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon



The title suits the book perfectly, although it could have easily being called "The Storm and The Sunshine" as well. Alan , as the Storm, is a melancholic war survivor man; and Jem, the Sunshine, is a cheerful, nice young prostitute.

I loved Jem. He was truly a rogue; I love his daring approaches, his joyful temper, his naughty personality. I did not warm too much towards Alan, mostly because: a) seems like he is way too old for Jem (Jem is 19-years-old; it does not say how old is Alan, but he has already faint gray hair); b) he is ashamed to love men, which is understandable since this is in Regency period and all that, but until the end he feels remorse for it. Unlike Jem, who is out and proud, and who tries hard to make Alan see that being gay is not sinful; c) Alan is a Sir, and Jem a mere stray prostitute, and Alan never forgets (or let Jem forget) that fact. There is no equality between them, not even when Alan realizes his feelings for Jem (although I appreciate that he submits to Jem at the end... but that is the very, very end), and I don't know, seems like Alan was more open to receive pleasure than giving it; and d) he never says those three little words, something that usually does not bother me, cuz there is no need if the actions are enough, but in his case, they are not. And Jem was so honest and he was brave to say it.

The story was very well done, it was engaging from beginning to end. I could sympathize with the damaged hero, I cheered for Jem and my heart was a bit broken in the scene where Alan wants to kick him out of his house; I pity poor Annie and I was disgusted for the crazy surgeon. The cant was well done (here being a GH fan). The way the murder was solved was silly and too convenient, but well, it was forgivable.

Waaa good mm regency romance. They are a bit hard to find. True, it is another "rent boy" regency romance, but it was good and sexy (because of Jem) and sweet (because of Jem).