Handyman - Claire Thompson

This book has a mix of a bunch of facts I mostly do not care about if they are separately, but that all together was a major MEH.

Jack is 14-years older than Will; widower + two older boys (his oldest son is only 5 years younger than Will... eww). Jack had a thing with his bf back in college, that did not go that further (kiss + touching), so he is mostly new in the gay thing. So Will has to be patient (veery patient) with scary, virgin Jack, so is afraid of every thing, while a bit pushy at the same time.

At least they talk every time there is a misunderstanding... because, boy, there is a misunderstanding every single chapter.

Will has always been a playboy, never been in love until he meets Jack. Here comes one of my peeves... Will already likes Jack, but still sleeps with his sex-buddy. I hate that; I want my MC to remain loyal (even if they are not in a relationship yet) once they start feeling for each other.

When Will thinks he lost Jack, he goes to a strip club. Ugh, I hate that, when one of them considers to screw around just because (thankfully, nothing happens, but still). When they are together, Jack's son walks on them (talk about a big turn off). Yikes.

And another big peeve of mine, which I guess is a spoiler (or not, because it happens so frequently in MM romances) is that, oh my, turns out, Jack's oldest son is also gay **eye-rolling**.

Not really a romance (at least for me). And far away from being a PWP.