VIcious - V.E. Schwab



A pleasant surprise, it was much better than I thought it would. It left me wanting for more, like I wanted more EO, more variety of powers, but besides that, I liked it, that it was dark-ish, that it has plenty of action, that both of the MC were kind of villains.

It has a mix of familiar situations/characters:

Victor and Eli are two genius buddies at college, who turn into enemies due different ideology

They learn that, to be a EO, they need to have a NDE (nearly death experience), so they take turns.

Good movie, BTW

The first to become an EO is Eli, who gets the ability of...

... super-human healing; and he never ages.

Then it is Victor's turn, who gets the ability of...

...healing other people's injuries / can stimulate/lessen pain on other people.

The story goes back and forward; one chapter is "Ten years ago", next chapter is "Present Day". At first it was a bit annoying; there were lots of questions (what happened exactly? who is wrong here? why is Victor in prison? why Eli is proclaimed as the Hero?) but I got used to it and it added the drama and the suspense to the story.

Once he becomes an EO, Eli changes his perspective about this kind of power, so he gets into a Full-Dexter-Mode, playing God. He meets another EO, and although unwillingly, she becomes his partner.

Serena, who has the ability of manipulating people's thoughts and feelings. Kinda like Prof Charles, but not entirely.

On the other side, Victor has 3 sidekicks:

a hacker normal being,

a little girl who can resurrect dead people (waaa, I miss Ned, the Pie-maker) and lately, an ex-soldier, who can...

Awesome, right?

Too bad it wasn't taken advantage of the last one at least. And I guess I was hoping for a battle. But I love the end, and I would definitely read the next one when it is released.