Goddess of the Hunt - Tessa Dare

Thank God I did not start with this book, or I would have never tried to read another TD book (if this is your first book, please do not give up on her, try A Week to be Wicked).

While her other book was charming and funny and unpredictable, this one was EXACTLY like any other boring Regency romance out there. Lucy and Jeremy are kind of frenemies; she likes to tease him; he loses his cold facade when he is with her. She is in love with another man; eventually Jeremy and Lucy ended up "pretending" to be interested in each other (kind of).

So then, we have.. surprise!, they are very passionate when they are alone; he is lusting for her, can't forget "her sweet lips, her creamy breasts", etc (you name it); he takes her virginity, which eventually leads to marriage, which eventually leads to (surprise!) a "I love him, but he loves me not" thinking. That is right, AGAIN, no communication between our MC, which leads to misunderstanding and both of them are miserable, etc.

Literally, 50% of the story is a description of Lucy/Jeremy in the eyes of the other: his scent, her smell, his shoulders, her breasts, his thighs, her hair...

Lucy is such an annoying MC, so childish and immature -and when she became a Countess... my, the embarrassment to have her for a wife! That party.. and when she tries to redecorate the dining-room... Jeremy is not better; his brain is between his legs. I never believed they were meant for each other. I can see Jeremy "baby-sitting" Lucy in the future, cuz that is what she needed, a baby-sitter 24/7.

I thought of rating 2/5 because the author is good, but I would be lying.