How to Date a Nerd - Cassie Mae

One would think, because of the cover + title + plot, that it would be a nice rom-com YA. Popular hot girl falling for a geek? My type of book.

WRONG, it was not.

It was depressing, actually.

Really depressing.

Zoe is one of the worst characters I've ever read. She is fake "but not really fake", slutty "but not really slutty", a total bitch, "but not really a bitch", a complete brat, selfish, etc. Worst of all, she knows it, she suffers for it, but she can't change. Because she is popular, and "all girls want to be her, and all boys want to be with her". She is constantly hurting "hot geek" Zak (ug, Zak... couldn't it be Zac or something?) -all the times she has to point out he is a hot nerd/geek made me want to pull my hair out-, she cries, acts all slutty (beware: she is NOT a slutty bitch; she just ACTS like one), tries to win him over, so she can be a total bitch one again when anyone is near.

The way she handles her sex life... jeez. She dismisses an attempt of rape at the beginning, like it is nothing -NOTHING-; she likes to be considered a slut in school (she is a virgin), and when she is all depressed in a party, drunks till she is total wasted, drags a random boy to a private room and tries to have sex with him? Because she is miserable.. boohoo.

And I will not even mention her little sister's sex issue. Better not. Because she is 14-years-old. Alone in the world, cuz her older sister is the most irresponsible there is and her parents don't exist, apparently.

Oh, and she is supposed to be a "geek in the closet"... because she likes to mention Harry Potter, LOTR, WOW and Marvel once in a while. Aha... right... ok. So that what the term GEEK/NERD is reduced to... aha... right.. ok.

Basically, Zoe is everything I hate in a girl. To be ashamed of yourself because you are a geek, so what better than show a lot of cleavage and have a different BF every month, even if that makes you miserable. YIKES, what a philosophy.

So if you want to read the POV of a annoying selfish chick, and find yourself without hair and nails (because she has that effect) go ahead.