A Strong Hand - Catt Ford

Fooled by the cover (that bum )

Well, not entirely. I have read another one of her books before, which I adored: The Last Concubine.

Not precisely a bad book, but it is a forgettable one. Besides, there were many moments where I was like "Did I miss something?". Damian and Nick have been working for weeks, Damian the photographer and Nick his assistant. They don't get along. Suddenly, Damian notices Nick, and suddenly, Nick gets aroused by Damian's commanding voice. And we are talking about a guy who has never been attracted to guys. But, all of the sudden, Nick is and he never questions himself about it. I was expecting a little more inner turmoil, but alas, I got nothing.

There is a age difference of 10 years. Which is nothing. But Damian loves to point out that Nick is just a kid (at 22) and that he is old and "I have wrinkles and aches that plague me". At 32 years old. Which seems like ancient in his world. Errr, too old at 32?? Oh my.

Damian and his friend Ashley refer to themselves like they are part of a tribe or something. They are Top. They like to say their subs (their pets) are Theirs. They are Good At BDSM. They Know How To Punish Subs, or something like that. It was unnerving. I admit I hate BDSM, but when it is light, I like it. I don't mind toys, cuffs and a bit of spanking. But paddles? Whips? Canes?? (thankfully, Damian does not like canes). Whenever there was a scene where Damian paddled Nick, I had in mind the poor boys at school that get paddled by the hateful headmaster. Not arousing at all. And they leave welts. Welts. On their nice bums. Ugh.

The most disturbing scenes were, however, whenever this High Top and His High Sub were involved; Crispin and Eddy. First, where Crispin punishes him with a cane (a cane) in front of everyone (Eddy likes to be his slave). And second, when Nick goes to this club with Damian. I was as shocked, disgusted and disturbed as he was. And worst of all, Derek, who was reluctant to do it (in fact, he thought Ashley and his likes were disgusting) was all happy there, on his knees, cuffed and whatever else Ashley did to him. He changed his mind **click of fingers** like that.

I never fell for their "love" either. And they were not exactly good characters. But there are some good scenes.